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Child Support 

Once a child support case is filed, it takes an average of 1-2 days to be processed. It is given a case number, assigned a court date and issued for service on the defendant. The defendant must be served with the paperwork before the case can proceed. Both parties will need to bring documents and be prepared to give testimony to support their side of the case.

If you are being represented by the Department of Human Resources, you will need to stay in contact with your case worker regarding your case. All notices regarding your case will be mailed to your case worker or district attorney. If you are represented by a private attorney, you will need to stay in contact with him/her regarding your case. By law, we cannot give legal advice. If you need an attorney, you can contact one of the organizations listed in the aforementioned link.

To change your address for child support payments, you must complete and mail a Change of Address form.  (Change of Address and/or Name).  We do not accept this information by phone.

To notify the court of a change of employment, please complete and return to the Clerk's Office a Change of Employment form (A Notice of Change in Defendant's Employment and Request for Service). Please include a physical address of the employer. The cost is $10 to file this form and have it issued.

If all children in the court order have reached the age of majority (19), you can terminate the Income Withholding Order for Child Support, if no arrearage is owed. Complete and return to the Clerk's Office a Motion to Terminate the Income Withholding Order (Affidavit for Termination of Withholding Order for Support). Once the judge has signed the order to terminate, the employer will be notified to stop deductions. There is a $28 filing fee.

General contact information is available below for the Alabama Central Disbursement Division (ACDD) and Montgomery County's DHR center.

Alabama Child Support Payment


Department of Human Resources

Montgomery County District Attorney

P.O. Box 244015
Montgomery, AL 36124

Phone: 1-800-284-4347

3030 Mobile Highway
montgomery, al  36125
Phone: (334) 293-3100

child support enforcement unit
251 S. Lawrence Street
montgomery, al  36104
Phone: (334) 832-1299



   Required Child Support Forms